Jon DiCandilo, MS, ATC, CSCS

Jon DiCandilo, MS, ATC, CSCS

Owner, Pillar Strength, LLC

Jon is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with 20 years of experience educating others in fitness and health. His experience includes working with athletes at the high school, university and professional sports team levels and working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels in physical therapy clinics, health clubs and through his private practice, Pillar Strength LLC.

Jon started Pillar Strength in 2009 while simultaneously working at a boarding school and health club. As an ATC/CSCS in the school setting, he learned how movement is coordinated and how to recognize the inefficiencies that need correcting to Improve Stability, Build Strength and Increase Mobility. In the health club setting, he began incorporating these same principles into his adult training sessions. His clients began seeing greater improvements towards their goals and found each workout more enjoyable.

In 2013, Jon moved to Japan and became the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Nishinomiya Storks, a professional basketball team. Since returning to the USA, Jon has relocated to the Washington DC area and has re-established Pillar Strength in Alexandria, VA. Jon is eager to assist you in your fitness and health journey!

Pillar Strength offers personal and group fitness training focused on helping clients Improve Stability, Build Strength and Increase Mobility.

A customized training program will be developed to address stability imbalances that will help you build strength and increase mobility.  After the initial consult, clients are measured with a functional movement screen to identify restrictions and/or imbalances.  This process helps set a course of action to reach the client’s goals. We believe that all movement is anchored to one pillar, your core.   Achieving stability in your core is essential for optimal movement, both for athletes looking to enhance their performance, and for individuals looking to increase their fitness level and daily functional movement.