Feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get around on the fastball up and in?

Are you a pitcher who finds your mechanics breaking down in the 5th and can’t quite figure out why that fastball went from down and away to belt high right down the middle? If  you are a baseball player, you know it is not just the summer past time you pick up in between seasons.

At SPARK, we feel the same way. Our approach to baseball starts from the ground up because it takes much more than shoulder strength to throw a 90 MPH fastball or smash a bomb to dead center. Baseball is a sport that requires strength, power and coordination to succeed in today’s fast paced game.

Here’s how we do it

  • Baseball specific evaluation
  • Throwing, hitting and fielding analysis
  • Exercises to target strong hips, core, shoulders and arm muscles
  • Swing training to improve consistency in the batters box
  • Agility training to get the extra jump on the bases
  • Flexibility, balance and posture training to maximize efficiency in all mechanics and help prevent injuries
  • Injury/surgical rehabilitation