Ever wonder how in the world you will prepare for ‘that jungle gym hanging thing over the ice-cold pond”? We’ve got you covered.

spark-toughIn our SPARK Tough Program veterans of the “Warrior Dash”, “Tough Mudder”, and other similar adventure races will teach you how to overcome any obstacle. Primitive outdoor and indoor workouts are designed specifically to prepare your mind and body for each of the specialized obstacles that you will face on the course.

Think you can say, “It’s ok, I’ll just run. That will be enough!” GUESS AGAIN. People who run these races after ‘just running’ to prepare are routinely injured and demoralized by the brutal make-you-quit obstacles. That isn’t fun for anyone!

We train SPARK Tough so that you will actually enjoy your race. Whether you’re running your event with a small or large team, you will want to be sure you’re SPARK Tough before race day.

Take advantage of SPARK Tough Race Teams, updates and regular training do’s and don’ts from veterans of these adventure races and the most highly trained athletic development and rehab professionals in the Metropolitan Washington, DC, area. Are you ready to get SPARK Tough? Contact us today to learn how.

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