Elite Personal Training

Get into shape with SPARK Physiotherapy in Alexandria, VA

Personal Training is the most comprehensive, time efficient and safest way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or looking for a new fitness routine, our certified personal trainers will create a customized fitness plan just for you.

Personal Training sessions are held in our private gym located in Alexandria, VA. You you can choose 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions and also work out with a buddy. Personal training sessions include a warm-up, flexibility training, resistance exercise, cardiovascular conditioning and core strengthening exercises.

New to personal training?

Personal Training Discovery Session
Contact us now to set your Personal Training Discovery Session. For a $59 deposit*, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn first-hand how the SPARK brand is changing the Personal Training field and how you will benefit. During the session, we will get a full subjective history, discuss your goals/objectives/concerns,  and discuss training options that will change your life.

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