Meet Dr. Natalia Sleziak

I wanted to introduce myself as the newest member of the SPARK team. My name is Natalia and I just moved into Old Town, Alexandria a little over a month ago. I originally hail from the Big Apple and was raised in “hipster”Brooklyn. Moving into Old Town with all of its colonial charm has been a very pleasant experience; I’m still getting used to greeting strangers on the street and realizing that stores don’t operate on a 24hr basis.

I moved out of NYC to get away from the dreaded “Mill”  PT scenario and found the true one on one environment that I crave here at SPARK Physiotherapy. I have a strong interest in working with the aerialist, gymnastic, acrobatic, and dance populations.


I studied dance movement and technique in undergrad and am currently avidly training with aerial silks and aerial lyra. I also like to keep my exercise routine fun and stimulating with weightlifting, HITT, tumbling, and parkour.  In my spare time, I salsa dance and explore the DMV area’s social dancing scene. I also love the outdoors and am always looking for good recommendations on where to go hiking. My goal is to introduce Spark to the aerial/dance world both on an amateur and professional level. I love working with clients of all ages and walks of life and strive to optimize each client’s performance and quality of life.

I encourage new and old clients to drop by and introduce themselves. I am truly excited about this new chapter in my life and about working with the awesome SPARK team.