Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA

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There are two kinds of people who train BJJ and MMA.

  1. Those who you know have pain.
  2. Those who are not telling you they hurt all over.

In either case, there is a solution. Build up your “padding” to keep you training hard and avoid BIG injuries that keep you off the mat. STRENGTH is the padding. The stronger, more mobile and more fit you are in the movement planes that are demanded on you the further you are from a real injury.

The DIY BJJ Strong Series is designed with these planes and demands in mind. Check back here soon to see what we’ve been working on. Oss!

You keep getting smashed?
You would benefit from stronger hip extension.

Your frames getting crushed under that wrestler’s never ending assault on your guard defense?
We know that you might benefit from the kind of scapular muscle ability that could fend off that attack. 

Stretching constantly only to find that you aren’t as mobile as you’d like to be?
“Flexibility” might not be your main problem. BJJ STABILITY (read: strength and pressure tolerance) might be!

Still having trouble with pain or injuries? Here’s the other stuff we do for our BJJ brothers and sisters:

  • Comprehensive mobility, strength and structure evaluation
  • Soft tissue and/or joint treatment to restore optimal motion
  • Flexibility, stability and power training promote efficient movement
  • Strength training insights for a powerful base and killer finishing skills

Captial MMA and Elite Fitness Members receive 10% off their initial eval and on the purchase of our Athletic Development and Injury Prevention (ADIP) Program. 


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