Tired of that jolt of pain when hitting your backhand? Trouble locating your serve late in matches? Feel like you’ve lost a step and can’t quite power a cross-court winner anymore? We can help. Our therapists know how to work with you and your playing style to come up with a plan to get help you make those shots to put you over the top. Tennis is a sport unlike any other where you’re body has to accelerate and come to a stop in short periods of time. Our approach to tennis is not simply looking at one single thing and hoping to get it right. We look at everything from the top of the serve to your feet on the ground to maximize your performance and reduce injury risk.

Here’s how we do it

  • Full body strength and flexibility assessment
  • Swing analysis
  • Tennis specific exercises to focus on explosive speed and hitting powerful shots
  • Improve range of motion of joints starting with the neck and shoulders all the way to the ankles
  • Agility work to increase foot speed and explosiveness
  • Injury/surgical rehabilitation



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