Sports Physical Therapy

Getting you off of the treatment table
and back to competition.

physical-therary1We use a wide variety of physical therapy techniques  to restore function, improve healing, reduce pain and help prevent future injury. Our clients can be seen without a physician’s referral, ensuring that you get the care you need WHEN YOU NEED IT. All physical therapy visits are eligible for reimbursement by your health insurance provider and we will handle all of that paperwork for you!

Physical Therapy Services and Rates
Trigger Point Dry Needling Information

Ready to start?
Schedule your physical therapy evaluation today! After the most thorough physical therapy exam you will ever have we will know the cause(s) of your pain and develop a one-off, truly customized physical therapy treatment plan to return you to your sport or activity.

Make sure to fill out these physical therapy forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Common Conditions Treated in Physical Therapy
At SPARK Physiotherapy, we use a multitude of Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise/Activity techniques to treat the following in physical therapy:

  • Baseball injuries
  • MMA or BJJ pain
  • Gymnastics training related pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction
  • Sports Injuries
  • Knee Pain
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Foot & Ankle Injuries
  • Post-operative Rotator Cuff
  • Post-operative ACL
  • Post-operative hips and knees
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Degenerative Joint Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Deconditioning
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Postural Concerns
  • Ergonomic Issues (Office, Home or Otherwise)
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches and/or TMJ
Physical Therapy Starter Screening
Contact us now to set your Physical Therapy Screening. For a $59 deposit*, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn first-hand how the SPARK brand is changing the Physical Therapy field and how you will benefit.
During the screening, we will perform a full subjective history, evaluate your movement and pain concerns and discuss treatment options.

SPARK Physiotherapy is happy to send reimbursement documentation to our client’s insurance provider but we do not bill insurance companies directly. This allows us to place all of our focus on returning you to competition and life as efficiently as possible. All payments are due at the time of service. Please check with your insurance provider regarding your out of network benefits.  SPARK is NOT a Medicare participating provider.  We cannot bill Medicare on your behalf.  You are entitled to receive covered physical therapy services from a participating provider.  

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